What IceCharge Does
  • Automatically Rejects
    Fraudulent Transactions
  • Makes Manual Review
    More Efficient
  • Easy Phone or SMS
  • Plug-and-Play
  • Automatic Rejection
    • Detect and block organized fraud, block computers known to engage in fraud, and pierce proxies to see who is really behind a transaction.

    • IceCharge automatically detects:
      • People and computers that have previously engaged in fraud
      • Computers closely associated with fraudsters' computers
      • Organized fraud, such as fraud rings
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  • Manual Review
    • Powerful investigative tool include:
      • Visual fraud analysis: Browse relations between entities, including people, cards and computers
      • Drag-and-drop query builder
      • View entities' transaction history at a glance
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    • Enable your staff to review more flagged transactions in less time with visual fraud analysis.
  • Phone or SMS Confirmation
    • With IceCharge, you can optionally confirm questionable transactions via automatic SMS messages and automatic phone calls.

      Easily verify your customers' phone numbers and reduce the time it takes your customers to complete out-of-band authentication.

    • The Details
      • Optionally enable out-of-band authentication (OOB) in your cart plugin
      • Or, if you prefer not to use SMS or phone OOB, just manually review suspicious transactions with our dashboard
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  • Plug-And-Play Integration
    • Our API is easy to use. Soon, we will have a variety of plug-and-play integrations for popular shopping cart software.
  • The IceCharge Dashboard
    Use our advanced investigative tools to discover organized fraud. Use link analysis to see connections that aren't immediately apparent by looking at raw transaction data.
    • See how fraudsters' computers are connected to other computers
    • Locate drop points easily
    • Be proactive with our advanced filters